mandag 2. mai 2011

T6 -Testlab Ørneredet - A short Dragunov combo vid

Another short combo vid. This time showing a few combos with Dragunov in Tekken 6:

Versus City article - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Location Test

/Versus City - TT2

The long awaited location tests for Tekken Tag 2 are about to begin. This rises a lot of questions in an eager fan's mind, such as:

What will become of the infamous JayCee?
How similar will Asuka be to Jun?
Will True Ogre's shenanigans and mixups be as frustrating as in TTT?
Is Heihachi too young to yet have learned special mid ewgf?
Will this be a new combo hell like other recently released fighting games?
Has Kuma finally learned Thunder God Paw?

fredag 29. april 2011

MvC3 - Testlab Ørneredet (Eagle's Nest) - vol.1

Starting off with an already pretty old video featuring testruns of Thor, Haggar and Dormammu in practice mode.